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Petsfit Pet Carrier with Removeable Wheels

Petsfit Pet Carrier with Removeable Wheels Item NO.: DLC10081ZD2120J

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  • Petsfit Pet Carrier with Removeable Wheels,Soft Sided Dog Carrier, Not Fit Under Airline Seat
Product Name Petsfit Pet Carrier with Removeable Wheels
Item NO. DLC10081ZD2120J
Weight 5 kg = 11.0231 lb = 176.3698 oz
Category Cat > carrier&backpack
Tag cat carrier , dog carrier , cat bag , long dog , wheel bag
Brand Petsfit
Creation Time 2019-05-22

  • Top openings for dog or cat to view the world with you during travel. Inner leash inside prevent pets escape
  • Side pocket can store small goods and the dog carrier on the wheel base can be taken off easily for carrier use occasionally
  • Top and 2 sides mesh doors ensure good ventalation and is easy for pets to access and out
  • The rolling dog carrier provides comfort and extra room for your pets hen travelling. You can use it like a traditional luggage.
  • Fleece mat included and can be packed flat for easy storage when not use and easy to transportation when needed



I love this carrier. It is really easy to fold up and put together. I have a 19 pound Jack Russel mix and he fits very comfortably. The carrier is sturdy and well made and has great ventilation. I'm very happy with it. I think it is well worth the money. Also, it has a bag to carry it when it's folded up, I didn't know it came with a bag, it is very handy. I couldn't be happier.



PROS: Great price for the high quality; Well-made & attractive; Quick zip-up assembly; Nice storage case, Wheel-base is very easy to take-off & on (Velcro, but very secure); Rolls really easily (on the carpet in the house)

CONS: For me, did not work because will primarily use WITHOUT the wheels and the Shoulder Strap mentioned in the product description is for the storage case, NOT the carrier itself (no place to attach). Also, without the wheel base, and given its large size, the bottom (and thus the carrier) is pretty bendy (more so with a 23 lb. cat).

BUT it is a WONDERFUL wheeled carrier -- Would keep it just for those rare occasions I need wheels (lugging all four cats someplace at the once), if we had room to store it. If you always plan to use it with the wheels -- 5 STARS.






This is so, so fantastic!! It is better than any pet carrier I have ever had. Having the wheels is amazing. My cat is over 16 pounds. I have a hard time trying to carry him into the vet. Now, I just wheel him in. Better for me and you can tell he thinks he is in a Mercedes. We both love it and it is worth every penny.



Extremely easy to set up, it can be a carry on if you want it to, the wheels are detachable but it still feels sturdy obviously just go slow as you would with your pet inside. My cat was comfortable inside it. I bought it used for 30$ less and it came with the original wrapping and everything. Best amazon purchase!!



Better than the picture!



This is by far one of the better pet carriers we've found and a big improvement over our old plastic carrier. Light but well made with some nice features.The huge side opening allows us to easily get our 20 lbs cat in and out easily. I did notice that all the zippers were a little sluggish. So I solved that with a little paraffin and heat. Now they glide easily in both directions.



Roomy and well constructed. Large enough for 2 smaller cats and is stable with heavier cats. Impressed so far and will update after using.



Easy to store. Light. Has the perfect amount of space for 2 mid sized cats. The fact that the wheel platform detaches is great, since it does not damage the leather seats in the car.



This is a high quality kennel. It is more than worth the money. You won't be sorry.



Wish it was shape more rectanglish but its nice



I bought this to replace a dog stroller which American Airlines won't accept anymore. My dog is elderly and in pain, so he cannot walk the 1-2 miles to the gates. And I cannot carry him. So, this has been the perfect solution! Easily navigates the terminals and right down the airplane aisle to my seat. Thank you!



Kenny loves it! It is so roomy and is the best carrier we have had yet.
Solid on the ground and wheels well as well.
Plenty of room for dog to rest and enjoy.



It's bigger then I imagined it would be but perfect. My cat sleeps in this in the house and they never did that with other carriers. I lvoe the top entrance as I have one cat that has to be dropped in.



Loving it. Nice and roomy. My cat weighs about 15lb. and she has lots of room to move around. Haven’t gotten a chance to use the wheels, but it’s coming!



I love this carrier. It holds my 13 pound cat nicely, the vet can get him out through the top, I can roll him around and not have to lug a heavy carrier around. The wheels work well. It also collapses down and has a carrying case. Perfect



Gotta buy the best 1st & this is the best!



This is the cadillac of carriers! Everyone at the vet was sooooo impressed. I have used it to take two cats, one 16 lbs and one 11 lbs. They were cozy, but had enough room to travel.



Great product! Holds my 25 lb puppy and makes it way more convenient getting my puppy around places in the city.



In the past 25 years I have had 3 different cat carriers. Due to back issues I was looking for one with wheels and came across this carrier on Amazon. Although slightly on the expensive side this is simply the best pet carrier on the market in my opinion. I love that it is so large. It is large enough that my cats can stand or sit up in it. For one cat it provides them a ton of space to move around in there with no issues. You could put two cats in there if they got along well enough and there is still plenty of space. I love that there are so many openings. From the top, from the end and from the side. The side opening is especially nice when you are actually at the vet trying to get them out of the carrier. No more tugging and pulling the cat out. When the whole side opens there is no more trying to get your pet extracted from the carrier. There is a pad on the bottom that you can flip back and forth. Your choices are to have either the furry material or the carrier canvas material. You can also remove the cover and wash if necessary. You can use this carrier with the wheels on our off and that is an easy process to switch back and forth from. The pole is easy to pull in or out depending on your needs. This option has given my back a break from carrying one to two carriers every few months. This also comes with a bag so you can break it down which takes less than a minute or two to do and store it for the next time. The person that came up with this carrier had to be a cat person because they really thought of everything here. My parents thought I was crazy spending this kind of money on a carrier but once they saw it I think they thought it was really something else! I have been to the vet a half dozen times and EVERY single person I came in contact with asked me about this carrier or made comments about how fancy the carrier looked and they all wanted to know where I got it from. In case you can't tell I love it and yes I did buy another one so I have two of these carriers!