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  • US$ 69.99


    Sharon Bernard

    we added the liner and the cats love it keeps them warm and it looks good
  • US$ 129.99


    Dave Rankin

    Easy to follow instructions mostly in pictures. Make sure you look closely at the pictures and take care to assemble pieces exactly as they appear in the pictures. It's a sturdy little house. And cute. Just put it outside in time for the rain forecast for tomorrow. We'll see if the feral cat takes to his new house. Update: cat likes it. The deck anyway.
  • US$ 69.99



    Very well made, easy to put together and a decent sized, good shelter. I put my cat’s food in it to get him to use it and a self-warming pad but I don’t know if he uses it or not as I spent money on it and all
  • US$ 69.99



    Easy to build. If you live in a place where it rains often I do recomend painting the outside to protect the wood. Also, if it gets cold where you live I would insulate the inside. My cat loves her new house for both outside and inside use. My kitty likes dark places to go hide when I have company, add a blanket and you've got a cozy hide away.
  • US$ 99.99



    This is a great bird carrier. My bird however takes exception to the plastic see through window and I'd prefer it to be mesh. Otherwise, this is a very well designed, easy to handle, way of transporting your bird.
  • US$ 69.99



    So far it’s exactly what it says it is and our cat that adopted us already loves it. As soon as I get the warming pad situation squared away out kitty will be purrfect for the winter. I did add some RTV to make it more water resistant.
  • US$ 99.99



    We just opened the bag up and he immediately went and perched inside in comfort. Went hiking with him in the bag and he really enjoyed it.
  • US$ 99.99


    Debra Ott

    This is wonderful backpack carrier! It is well built and easy to assemble and take apart. It comes with a clever zippered storage bag to stash the disassembled carrier in for safe compact storage. The stainless steel food cup is quite handy and the exterior elastic bands are awesome for holding a small water bottle externally. The only amendment I made was to wrap the wooden perch rod with Coban self adhesive bandage to provide better grip and a more comfortable place to stand for my feathered friend. We use it to take our Green Cheek Conure on road trips to visit family and on shopping outings locally. My birdy Odin (aka The All Feather) gets excited at the sight of it, hops on in and is ready to go!
  • US$ 129.99


    Rhonda & Jeff Villasenor

    Great cat house and looks great!
  • US$ 69.99



    Its great put a towel and a self heating pad and my little outdoor kitty loves it
  • US$ 69.99



    This cat house is very cute, and was easy to assemble. My cat uses it every night. At first she was nervous, but I fed her in it a few times and now it's her favorite spot. I'm glad she has a cozy place to hang out at night.
  • US$ 129.99


    Charles m. Fisher

    Cat like it
  • US$ 99.99



    Worked well for a long distance move
  • US$ 99.99


    Johnnie Terry

    This backpack is expensive but it IS the one you want. Leaving this feedback while I’m walking my dogs and my rescued mustache parakeet on my back. The parakeet is yelling at everyone we pass. She was relinquished at the bird shop near me and I fell in love. This backpack is elegantly made, expertly designed and very comfortable! This will bring us lots of joy!
  • US$ 99.99


    Amazon Customer

    Quality is excellent and it is a 5 star
  • US$ 129.99


    Amazon Customer

    I can not say enough good about this little house. The cats love it. It was very easy to put together. It's nicely made and too cute. Well worth the buy.
  • US$ 69.99


    Julie White

    We have really enjoyed your product, I have put a couple pics on Facebook and have had many injuries about your product you know the internet wide and far. Thank You so much. Jules
  • US$ 69.99



    Very well made. Easy to put together. Wood is cedar, thick and sturdy. Nicely packaged, arrived in great condition. Very happy with the house. It's small, but the right side for my one feral cat. Will buy from this company again.
  • US$ 99.99


    lauri london

    Totally amazing we take our bird with us everywhere even on planes Best purchase ever
  • US$ 69.99


    Joanna Naylor

    So easy to assemble. Literally could not have been easier or better laid out. Very cute!
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